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Affordable sealcoating

Extend the life of your driveway today

As with most things, a little preventative maintenance can go a long way towards drastically extending the life of your driveway or sidewalks. Sealcoating protects the primary paving from everyday wear and tear. From sun oxidation to oil from your car, your driveway is under a steady assault. Let us help extend it's life.

Benefits of sealcoating:

  • Prevents oxidation from sunlight

  • Stops water absorption

  • Resists oil & gas penetration

  • Reduces the effects from freezing and thawing

  • Eases snow & ice removal. Pot hole repair, top of the line products

  • Provides an easy to clean surface

  • Beautifies your driveway with a uniform black finish

  • Extends the life of your paving, saving you money

Make your driveway look like new

A professional sealcoating service from A-1 Pavemasters Asphalt Paving will make your home's driveway or sidewalk look just as good as the day it was first installed.

We are proud to have over 50 years of professional paving experience.

Call us today to discuss your sealcoating options.

Remember, it is far cheaper to sealcoat your driveway than to have to demolish and replace it. Call us today to schedule your in-home FREE estimate.

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