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Recycled Asphalt

Environmentally conscious

Double the benefits at half the price

You may be wondering what recycled asphalt products are. They are made up of old asphalt that is ground into a consistency that is a gravel texture. Still made of asphalt, RAP gives you a solid asphalt base with a smooth surface. It even works as a good base for hot-mix paving jobs.

Benefits of recycled asphalt products:

  • More stable then basic gravel

  • Half the price of typical paving

  • Provides a great base if you decide to asphalt over it

  • Keeps tons of asphalt from ending up in landfills

  • Promotes environmental responsibility

  • Long-term performance on par with asphalt

  • Requires less raw material consumption

  • Reduces dependency on foreign oil consumption

Enjoy the benefits of RAP

It's not everyday that you come across a win-win option in life. With recycled asphalt products, you can get all the same great benefits of asphalt and half the price, while also protecting our environment.

Enjoy cost savings from RAP while also helping the environment.

Call us today to see how a RAP installation can help.

With a RAP installation and our experienced professionals you won’t even know the difference from new asphalt.

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